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                 About us

                 Jinjiang Fenfa R&P Products Co., Ltd. is established in 1985. After20years of hard

            work ,it has become the largest and modern enterprise for the development, production

            and marketing of building silicone sealant,sea strip,door and window injection fittings

            and other plastic products in Fujian.

                The company locates in the former industrial zone,Luoshan Town,Jinjiang City.It

            covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. We possess the advanced

            technology,production equipment, mature process,better service and scientific

            management. The specise of “Fenfa brand” building silicone sealant,industrial

            sealant ,door and window injection fittings and “Chuangba brand”building seal strip

            generated by the company are profuse,and they are reasonably design. Therefore they are

            named Chinese famous brands and Chinese green high-quality building materials.

                “Harmony,honesty,working hard and growing up”is the enterprise spirit pursued by

            Fenfa Rubber and Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. “Professional,quality,growing together with

            customers” is the business philosophy. “Customer-oriented” is the business purposes.

            We will wholeheartedly provide better quality products and first-class service to our




            Your smile is our eternal power!



                                          Sealing the world and building the eternal wall!




            版权所有 2010 晋江市奋发橡塑制品有限公司 www.baiyulanyigong.com.cn
            公司地址:福建省晋江市罗山镇苏前工业区127号 邮编:362200

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